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“Hannah Gadsby Stands Down: Feminist Comedy Studies.”

Scholarly Journal
Rebecca Krefting
In Cinema Journal. Special Issue – In Focus: Comedy/Humor Studies (forthcoming, Spring 2019).
Publication year: 2019

“A New Economy of Jokes?: #Socialmedia #Comedy.”

Scholarly Journal
Comedy Studies Journal. Co-authored by Rebecca Krefting and Rebecca Baruc (Class of 2015). Accepted, projected publication for Autumn/Winter Issue, 2015.
Publication year: 2015

“Who Knew Public Scholarship was so Fun(ny)?: Practical Applications Within and Beyond the Academy.”

Scholarly Journal
Reflections: A Journal of Writing, Service-Learning and Community Literacy 7, 3 (2008):
Publication year: 2008

"Looming Subjectivities and/in Disability Memoir: A Dialogic Review Tapestry."

Scholarly Journal
Prose Studies. 27, 1-2 (2005). Co-authored by Elizabeth Miglin, Jill Khoury, Rita Rich, Alana Kumbier and Rebecca Krefting.
Publication year: 2005

“Collective Mistrust of Alarms.”

Scholarly Journal
Proceedings of the Human Factors and Ergonomics Society Annual Meeting. 46, 17 (2002): 1584-1588.
Publication year: 2002